xmas crafts: crocheted floral hats

Remember on Tuesday when I said I would blog about the hats I made on Wednesday?
I meant Thursday.

So these are the two hats I made for _____ and _____.
I hope they love them.
And I hope you do too!

For the first hat did my own combination of patterns. Sorry.
For the second hat I used this pattern.

Also, The Rusted Chain is having a great giveaway. Check it out.


Stevi said...

Very cute! Thanks for the pattern link. I've had some success with hats, but they've been wildly inconsistent and I've had to redo the crowns on them multiple times. I'll give this pattern a try and see if it's one I can stick with.

aimee bee said...

Sounds good! You may have to downsize the overall size a bit. It wasn't as snug as I wanted it to be, but it still worked.

I found another one that I am working on now. I'll share that one if it works out. I'm about halfway done. :)

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