oh, hello there

I realize that I have somewhat neglected this little blog of mine this week. However, I'm really not that sorry seeing that I have been doing many busy things that are worthwhile. Not that you aren't worthwhile of course. You know what I mean.

Here's a mini recap of my crazed life:

1. I officially finished (today) my first semester of student teaching. This marks the halfway point to receiving my Masters! Boo-yah.
2. Made more cookies.
3. Failed at making brittle... again. Second year in a row, darn!
4. Celebrated Christmas with the Horsman's (Chris' clan from Springfield) and got me some new Martha funs.
5. Took a pregnancy test. Don't worry, nothing to fret over.
6. Made some more crafts that I am too lazy to share. Sorry.
7. Kissed my hubby, multiple times.
8. Listened to this song on repeat. You should too.
9. Attended a few more Christmas parties.
10. Dreamed about my Nana and missing her so.

Here are some of the few snapshots from The Rock staff Christmas party from last week.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post more...

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