my other roomie: hannah

This is Hannah.
Hannah has been living with us for approximately 2 months.
It was unplanned.
She needed a place. We had a room.
So we said, yes please, move your dandy self right in.
And she did.
And we get her for one more month.

Since Hannah has been living here I have noticed that our apartment has upped it's game.
For instance, most of the time she cooks dinner she uses cinnamon, so our apartment usually smells of wonderful things such as cinnamon and also pumpkin, sugar, nutmeg, cloves, maybe ginger and other marvelous spices.
I also like that our spare room is no longer just for storage and that it is actually being used by a living being. That's an improvement.
She also encourages me to get out of my comfort zone, like watching other tv shows such as "I'm 16 and pregnant" or "Grey's Anatomy" instead of just the news and Jay Leno. (Oh, how I love him. Although I really wish I liked Conan more. Maybe not).
I also think it's pretty cool that I don't have to worry about a creepy stalker hiding somewhere in my apartment when I come home alone, because Hannah is usually there with a light on. Eases my nerves. Better for my bowel movements too I suppose.
I think the biggest improvement though is simply having her presence around us. I have no idea what I will do in the future life when I can't just come home from work and have a conversation at our dinner table over some chips and salsa. I guess I will just have to invite her over for chips and salsa.
Let's do that Hannah. :)

p.s. She doesn't normally look like that photo above. She normally looks like this:

p.s. I am totally wearing Chris' grandma's pjs right now. There are peeeerfect. Thanks Grandma Renfroe. :)

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Hannah said...

oh aimee, how i love you!

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