christmas cards

I love collecting special things, especially Christmas cards.
(And sending them of course, maybe you got yours today?)

When I was a little girl, I remember my Mama had a door hanger full of pockets and pockets of cards. One time I commented on her many cards. I just figured she had thousands of friends.

That was when she pulled it down and let me filter through the cards to see that the reason she had so many was because she never threw them away. There in those pockets were years and years of Christmas cards. Some were sent year after year, those probably from family or close friends. Others were only sent one year, from friends that had come and gone.

I remember thinking how special that was, that she loved someone elses Christmas blessings so much that she kept them for years and years. With my little brown wavy hair and straight bangs, I made a commitment to become my Mama regarding Christmas cards when I grew up.

My Mama time has come.

Unfortunately, I don't own a cool door pocket card hanger.

Instead, I rent a blank wall... that tonight I filled.

Before Christmas Card Explosion:

After: (mostly showing cards from last year + a smidge few from this year)

So, I thought I'd share some cool things...

like baby Jesus
(at least I think it's Jesus)

pretty wishes

the tattoo I will someday get

glittery santa, the creeper sneaking in your homes...

wintery verses

a card from the legend herself


more glitter (have I mentioned how much I love glitter?)

my hunk cousins, blurred so you can't stare at them


and my favorite,
last year's blessings.

Maybe you have a Christmas card to send me to put on my wall? ;)
Come on people, I love them!


p.s. I made two new hats this weekend, so I'll post those up tomorrow.

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