a story of recycling

Today I beat the recycling man.

Every Thursday morning Christopher and I are responsible for taking our blue recycling bag and our hy-vee paper bag (both usually filled to the brim) across the street of our apartment complex to the driveway of a sweet old man and woman who have offered to let us place our recyclables in their driveway. (Otherwise we have to drive our recycling to a recycling center, which doesn't happen very often).

The problem is: we always forget. Some Thursdays I have school. All Thursdays Chris works very early. So us actually remembering early in the morning before work or school to haul the two bags out is a miracle.

Today was even better.

Today = heaven because I have very few responsibilities. No school. No work. No meetings. Just heaven. Which means after Chris and Hannah (our temporary roommate) left for work at 6am I moved my sleeping fort to the couch to watch the news, but mostly still sleeping. (I do this so that if intruders enter while I am sleeping I can face them man-to-man, rather than letting them sneak up on sleeping me. I promise it makes sense).

So this morning, I woke up to the banging and clanging of a garbage truck. My first thought: Recycling! Oh, no! But, when I looked out my window it was, to my pleasant surprise, just the garbage truck, not the recycling man. Time 8:15 am.

I quickly put on a hoodie, gathered up the recylcing and ran downstairs. I nicely placed our recyclables in the driveway and started to walk back to my apartment. I wasn't halfway up the stairs when I hear banging and clanging again. I smiled as the recycling truck came around the corner, stopped, and picked up my recycling. Time 8:22 am. Mission accomplished.

Like I said, today will be one good day. :)

p.s. My good friend Kirstin just started a blog. I love it, but not as much as I love her. Her and her husband are currently raising support to be on staff with our church, The Rock. You can check it out here.

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