remember high school?

*Imagine a picture of me in a skirt, stockings, cardigan and a coffee mug.*
*This is me at school.*

Have I mentioned that I moved on to my high school placement? Do you remember what high school is like?

I tried to forget.
In high school everyone wears abercrombie and american eagle.
In high school everyone is tall and scary.
In high school kids can be a bit... inappropriate.

So far, I have concluded that the high school is different from the middle school in a few ways:
1. the toilet seats are higher from the ground
2. all the kids are taller than me, even the short ones
3. high school boys think its funny to flirt with you
4. it's harder
5. if you roller skate with high schoolers they will think you are most definitely not cool , whereas middle schoolers beg you to do the roller limbo (I got 5th place, just so you know)
6. only the honors classes appear to want to learn, not all of your classes silly aimee
7. I blend right in (at least my coffee mug keeps me out of the crowd)

Can you pray for me?



Aaron said...

High school isn't about learning, it's about being cool. I know this, because I wasn't cool. Come to think of it, I didn't learn anything, either. ...And nobody flirted with me.

Do-over? :/

David "Doc" Nelson said...

You should have Erin teach you some self-defense moves for when those boys get fresh.

Prayin' for ya.

David "Doc" Nelson said...

And there is nothing wrong with American Eagle.

Lesley said...

i know how you feel... although i think a lot of the middle schoolers would be taller than me too! boo for being so stinkin short!

i kind of liked high school, but i grew up in a small town and everyone knew each other. praying for you friend!

Erin said...

I want to come visit you soooooo bad!!!!!!! So do you dislike high school more or less then you thought you did?

aimee bee said...

No comment as of right now. :)

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