November, november!

I'm not going to lie. I did not dress up for Halloween this year.
No, I'm not too old.
No, I'm not lame.
I just wasn't "feeling" it, okay?
So, this is Christopher and me last year.


This morning was the first of my new schedule.
You see, the past few months I have been student teaching every morning, everyday. I would always leave a little after 12pm and come home to work, school, or (occasionally) (very occasionally) play.
Starting today a new schedule begins.

Instead of student teaching everyday for just the morning, I am now teaching every other day, all day. But that's not the only change.
Instead of teaching my beautiful, lovely, and warm middle school kiddos,
I will now be teaching high school biology and genetics.

I'm not gonna lie.
It kind of makes me want to pee my pants.

And so this morning, I set my alarm a little later than usual since I don't start a full day until tomorrow. I thought I would allow myself a wonderful sleep-in party.
Little did I know that my apartment was going to come alive.

Before 8 o'clock my apartment started banging, clanging, and shaking. It was quite scary. I searched around the apartment trying to find a mouse, an intruder, or maybe a rhino... all to no avail.
And then a light bulb went off. (Bing!)

On Friday morning, I remember looking out my front door (which is actually 2 french doors) at a bunch of roofers across the way working on another complex's roof. I remember saying to Chris "that sucks for them."
Well... that sucks for me now. :)
If I believed in karma, I would definitely think it was going on right now.

At least we get a new roof... right?

p.s. Lots of new Christmas ideas coming this week. Wahoo!

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Erin said...

Don't forget to ask me about genetics. This is more for my benefit because I want to know what they are teaching.

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