little baby saw

Oh, Boy.

If you're friends with me on facebook, you probably know the news...
My sister gave birth to Sawyer Paule Baker on Sunday November 7th at 8:48 PM. He was 7lb 11 oz (the same exact weight as Diesel) and 20 inches long.
Unlike D, he has lots of dark wavy hair.
Big hands and feet,
and he has now tied with Diesel in how he captures my heart.

Rather than retelling the story all in words,
I will do so with pictures.
I do have to say that I am very thankful my sister is one of the most immodest people in the world, because I was able to see all and all and all and am so excited to one day have a little monster of my own.


Laurie Sue said...

It was an absolutely amazing weekend, wasn't it? So thankful that I got to share in the miracle of Sawyers birth, but also thankful to have shared it with Ashley, David, Diesel, Aimee, and Kolbi!

Sue Weatherford said...

What a beautiful story told in pictures. What a beautiful family and thank you for sharing such a special occasion with us and letting us take a peak..all my love to your family..

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