Crafting for Christmas: Christmas Wreaths

Can you believe its already November?
Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving,
then the day after Thanksgiving,
then Christmas.
I am trying to decide when to start decorating for Christmas.
Now that Halloween is over, is it too soon?


wreaths in progress

Speaking of Christmas, here is another Crafting for Christmas idea.
I made these Christmas wreaths last year. They most certainly serve as great Christmas gifts as well. One year I gave a wreath to every mom and grandma in my family. If you plan on giving this as a gift, you can extend the life of your wreath by using "winter" themed colors instead of just "Christmas" themed colors. For example, instead of using just red and green fabric, you could use blues and silvers. That way it doesn't get put right away with the Christmas tree.

Directions and how-to's can be found here.

And since I made these last year, I plan on making some new wreaths for this year. So in order to make some room for some new decorations, I plan on giving these away.
Anyone want these wreath babies?

Tell me when you start decorating for Christmas
and these might end up in your lovely abode.


Kelly said...

Oh, oh, oh...I would love a wreath! These are so beautiful! I'm not sure when we'll start putting up Christmas decorations- either mid-November or mid-December (haven't decided if it's before or after wedding and honeymoon).

Fodoz said...

i would love a wreath as well if you're really looking to get rid of them! the nunnery is going to look super fly for christmas! i can come pick one up from you sometime, or you can pass it along to breezy if you want. i know we're both super busy!

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