Crafting for Christmas: Beaded and Buttoned Felt Headband

Beaded and Buttoned Felt Headband

Recently I made this, and I have to say that it is one of my felted favorites.
The cool thing about it is that is was actually pretty simple and very cheap to create.

Take a look:

Here's the things you need:
1. A headband (mine dated back to the jr. high)
2. Felt
3. Buttons
4. Beads
5. Needle and thread
6. Hot glue gun (optional... for extra support)

Here's what I did:
1. Cut a pattern that you would like on your headband (mine was about a 5in by 2in almond shape). Try it out on your headband to see if you like the size before you start sewing.
2. Then cut two other felt pieces just a centimeter larger than the first. For instance, I took my first felt black piece, pinned it to a gray piece of felt and cut cut around it exposing a centimeter on all sides. Then I cut out another gray piece the same size.
(All in all for this design you need one original piece (black) and two background pieces (gray).
3. Next, grab some buttons and beads and stitch them into the felt. You can make a pattern or make it random. Mine featured buttons centered in the middle of the almond piece with beads surrounding.
4. Then stitch the black felt to one gray piece gray. You could also hot glue it, but I like the stitched look.

5. Next, pick where you would like the felt piece to land on your headband and hot glue the beaded part on top of the headband. Then hot glue the remaining piece of felt on the backside of the headband (creating a seal, so the headband is not exposed).
6. Finally, stitch around the outside so that it is completely sealed.
7. Give, wrap, or wear.

I have to admit: I am pretty attached to this baby.
Consider it a gift to myself.
I promise though, I will make some for gifts.
Have a great Wednesday!

p.s. I am in the process of creating a Christmas Crafts tab on the top. Look for that!


Rachel said...

love this idea aimee! so cute!

Stevi said...

Adorable. I've been thinking about trying to learn to do tsumami kanzashi (folded flowers for hair ornaments). But I'll have to stop crocheting or grow some more hands first...

aimee bee said...

Thanks ladies. I know what you mean Stevi. I go back and forth between so many different things. Felting and crocheting are my favorites right now.

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