Christmas Crafts: Reclaimed coffee sleeve

First of all, I have to admit that tonight will be my first real shower since Friday around noon-time. Friday people. Gross, I know. Our hot water was out when we came home from Thanksgiving at the in-laws. If you've been around me... I'm sorry, but soon (real soon) I'll be clean. (Thumbs up)

On to other matters...
This weekend I made something that I am really falling in love with.
Introducing: Reclaimed coffee sleeves, made from recycled coffee bean bags.
Talk about eco-friendly. ;)

Here's how you can make your own:
Step 1. Buy a cup of joe. I know. What a harsh task. Man, I'm mean. (Make sure you get a coffee cup sleeve... this will be your pattern).

Step 2. Grab an old coffee bean bag from your local coffee shop. Usually they will give them away for free. If you're in Columbia, Dunn Bros gives them fo free. In fact, do step 1 at DB while I'm working. Convenient for you... convenient for me...

Step 3. Place your pattern and cut 2 sleeves from the bean sack.

Step 4. Sew your two pieces together. I left about 1cm on all sides.

Step 5. Hand stitch the ends together. Add a button or some other applique for cuteness appeal.

Step 6. Sip coffee with newly made reclaimed coffee sleeve. Then, make another for a Christmas gift for a friend.

Now, I have to admit. There are some super cutsie coffee sleeves everywhere on etsy. If you don't feel like making one, or you want to use a different medium check out others.
Like this one from chocolatedogstudio
and this one from janaloveablehandknits.
Or you could even try something like this with your reclaimed coffee bag.
Try it. I might try it too!


Lindsay said...

I love this! One question...where do you get all your buttons? Have you been collecting them for a while or is there a place you can buy assorted buttons?

lesley gordon said...

super cute!!

Sam said...

Okay, I absolutely LOVE these. I've seen quite a few coffee sleeves on Etsy but I really love these. Great idea!

aimee bee said...

Lindsay: I collect them from all over but JoAnns has a great box of assorted buttons for real cheap. I would recommend those.
Lesley and Sam: Thanks! :)

Aaron said...

Pretty cool, and if you wanted, I guess you could get the Dunn Bros. logo in there and have an official unofficial logo sleeve.

aimee bee said...

Yes, I actually plan on doing that and giving it to my boss. He deserves it.. right? :)

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