a blessed home

Right now I am curled up on my bed with a banana and my computer.
Two must haves.
All I need is Christopher and coffee to make this perfect.

Last night we caved and put up our Christmas tree, along with outdoor porch lights and window lights. (We went all out). It was so beautiful and lovely. In the past Chris has been somewhat of a scrooge around Christmas (he'll admit it). So this year he decided he wanted to be a bit more cheerful. Thus going all out for decorations.

Our good friend David came over along with our cousin Marissa. David helped decorate and keep Chris company with computer games. Marissa helped me bake cookies. We baked well past midnight. And Hannah was our moral support. So fun.

I realized last night how thankful I am for my family, my friends, and my home. As much as I love the lights, the tree, the music, last night wasn't so great because of all of those things (although they were a great factor!). It was great because the atmosphere it became with family and friends, with warm, loving, genuine, and joyful hearts and probably some anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a welcoming place to be and I feel so blessed to have a home that can contain some of that joy.

I don't feel blessed to have a tummy ache this morning from too many cookies.

Here is our home last night in photos:


Lindsay said...

love it! I can't wait to put up our tree, but we are waiting until the next weekend cause we're buying a real tree and most places don't have them out yet. I'm so excited to bake cookies too! Wish you could come over and help :(.

aimee bee said...

Oh, that would be so lovely to cook cookies together. Maybe some day. :)

Btw, we ALMOST got a real tree. We found some at Ace Hardware and we said we'd get it on our way home Monday, but then it started pouring and we didn't want a wet tree. Maybe next year.

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