yes, i'm a nerd

a blurry picture of me, pre-dissection

This week I attended my first National Science Teachers Association Conference.
Yes, I felt very nerdy.
It was a good week to be nerdy for sure.
I think if you knew what went on you would be jealous.

For instance:
1. I won $50 to the NSTA bookstore (score!)
2. I dissected a pig eye
3. I was allowed to keep my pig eye (but I said that's okay)
4. I won a foam brain
5. I created an alien baby based on its parents genes
6. I attended a session and noticed that my high school anatomy teacher was in the same room. Cool! And weird!
7. I maneuvered through KC without a hitch

I have to say though, I am glad to be home
and glad to be crafting today. :)


Erin said...

I drank out on my cup today. Matt thought it was cool. It my new favorite mug.

aimee bee said...


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