two years ago today

Two years ago today I was in Honduras.
I was probably dreaming about Chris,
our upcoming wedding
and the couple months before I would see him.

I was probably also dreaming of Starbucks,
air conditioning,
and constant running (hot) water.
(And not having diarrhea everyday).

It's funny, because now I am dreaming of that place.

Two years ago today I visited a family living in this home

with this cat

and brought food, coffee, and toilet paper to this couple.

After all of that, I remember sitting on my porch reading my bible watching this storm roll in.

Man, those days were good.
I really, really want to go back... soon.

1 comment:

Chickie said...

time to visit again. :)
it's been a while for both of us.
hope your doing well!!

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