thoughts on being aunt mimi

In another week or two I will be an aunt again. O.m.goodness how great is that?

Just a couple days ago I was talking to my sister on the phone. She's a teacher too, so we are both making the early drive at 7am. So, even though we are miles and miles apart, we often end up calling each other on our tired mornings.

This particular morning I called Ash. She told me about her recent doctor's appointment and assured me she would let me know the first minute she felt any reason to be suspicious of an early pregnancy.

Then she put Diesel on the phone.

The past couple years she has put D on the phone, but it's always our "goodbye." We know that he will most likely mumble about a bunch of things that doesn't make sense. We also know that he will most likely hit buttons on the phone. And we know for sure that he will at some point accidentally hang up on me. That is why her handing the phone to D is our goodbye.

This time it was different. This time she asked D if he wanted to talk to his Aunt Mimi. He said yes. (He usually does unless he is tired or mad). Then I hear a shifting of the phone from momma to D. I say, "Hey Diesel. It's Aunt Mimi!" Immediately he goes into chatter mode.

Him chattering is not uncommon; however something was different from before. Before when he would chatter I could usually make out one or two words. This time I could actually understand him. It was like I was talking to a real life kid. Weird!

He told me about his cousin, that she was going to be born soon. He told me that he was going to the hospital. He also told me something about his mom not getting the blanket that he likes to have in the car. And then I said that I had to go, "I love you," and "goodbye." He replied with "bye Aunt Mimi. I love you!"

And so it makes me think. This kid is so cool. He gets cooler and cooler each and every time I see a new picture of him on facebook, every time I chat with him on our tired mornings, or every time I get to see him in person on our visits. He is just one of the coolest kids ever. I can't imagine loving another kid even more.

Then I think about Ashley's belly. Sooner or later, one of these days, lil' Sawyer Paule Baker is going to pop on out. And I wonder, "Can I actually love this kid as much as D? Will he be as neat as D?" And when I realize that the answer is yes, I get REAL excited. REAL.

And then I start thinking about my own kids and I want to pee my pants. (So I'll wait on that one, Momma... I know you wish).

So, I must say that I am one excited Aunt. I have the coolest nephew ever and then I am going to get another one pretty soon.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of D...

(I think Ash would want me to point out that she is prego here)

p.s. Ashley lost part of her "plug" today.
Gross... but awesome!

Pray that she has Saw the weekend I visit. (2 weeks!)

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