my dad's new job

Suzanne, me and dad

So... I briefly mentioned before that my dad has moved to Washington.
Not Washington, Missouri.
Not Washington, D.C.
Nope, even further.
Kennewick, Washington.

About a year ago my dad left his previous job as a CFO at the hospital in Rolla. At the time, I remember being proud of him. He was taking a risk. He had no idea what would unfold for him, but he felt very strongly that this was the right thing to do.

Even though he was given a year's salary to look for a job, he began searching within months. Every time we would talk he would be on his way to another interview. Time after time it came down to him and another guy. Unfortunately, most of those times they chose the other guy. (I would have chosen him).

Each time this happened he would share his disappointment on the phone. My heart was sad for him. I have always thought my daddy as one of the greatest men in the world. It was hard for me to hear him having a hard time. However, each time was a moment of happiness for me because it meant he would be close still for a little while longer.

And then he got a call about a hospital in Kennewick, Washington.
We Paules don't go to that side of the country.
No, that's too far.
But I didn't tell him that.
I secretly hoped that this interview wouldn't work out either. I was hoping for a hospital a little closer... you know like ... maybe in Columbia.

Then one night I was at IHOP with my friends when I got a call from my dad. He said he was offered the job in Washington. He was relieved. He was ready to go. He was going to say yes. I didn't tell him this, but I was stunned and sad. I encouraged him through the noise of my friends' chatter and told him I was proud of him. On the way home, though, I cried.

Since then it's been better. I am very proud of him and suzanne. I am anxious to see how it all goes. I am most definitely looking forward to our yearly vacations now to that side of the country. (Loads of places to hike there!) I am also sad at times. I miss my dad being close. I am going to miss the holidays that were easy to visit. I am also going to miss having my family within a short distance.

More than anything, I am encouraged with the next steps for their future and for ours as well.
Who knows... maybe there will be a church plant on the west coast in our future?
That'd be fun. :)

You can read my dad's press release here.

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Laurie Sue said...

I'm so sorry, Aimee, that you're missing your dad. It's only a separation of miles, though, and thankfully there are now cell phones with unlimited minutes, the internet, skype, and teachers with summers off ;-) . . . so much easier than when the Donner Party headed off for the west coast in 1846. And you are right - we never know where God's journey will take us. I love you and so does your dad. You are an exceptional young lady (we made exception children)!

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