pumpkin carving

We had some friends over this weekend to carve pumpkins.
By some friends I mean a lot.
It made me want a house.

When you wanted to go to the bathroom you had to say
"excuse me," "excuse me," "oh, no, excuse me!" like a million times.
But you know what, we have our whole lives to live in a house.
So I am going to be happy to live in our homey apartment.
It may be small, but at least we have a home!

Besides carving pumpkins,
we also had some delicious food thanks to some delicious friends. :)

(btw, these are pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, yum.)

pumpkin bread, fitting

And finally, the end result:
8 pumpkins sitting on my porch

Also, I've realized lately that I have neglected to share two very important things:
1. my dad moved to the state of Washington last week
2. we have a roommate

So, I plan on sharing that soon.
Until then, have a happy Tuesday!

Have you carved pumpkins yet?


Laurie Sue said...

It looks like a wonderful time! I miss those pumpkin carving memories. NOTHING else smells like pumpkin guts . . . I watched an Alton Brown show today about the PERFECT pie crust. I'm gonna try it soon with pumpkin pie. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Stevi said...

Nice pumpkins! I think I'm going to need that recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I know what you mean about wishing for a house when you have people over. Every time we have a crowd, I start having house envy. Then I think about all the work that goes into maintaining a house, and the blow it would be to our budget, and suddenly the envy just evaporates.

aimee bee said...

Yes, yes, same here.

I really like the idea of putting work into a house, you know revamping something really old into something new looking, but right now taking that on would be crazy for us. Someday though. Maybe if I get a job come August... :)

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