Papa in Como

Yesterday my Papa came to visit. With him he brought a lady friend.

First we drank some coffee around our dining room/living room/kitchen table.
(When you live in a small apartment, all those become one).

Then, we went to church.
(Before I go on I have to inform you that this is the man who has never gone to church his whole life, besides funerals and weddings. Love that The Rock was one of his few church experiences).
It was wonderful to have him there.

Afterward, I asked him how he liked it.
He said "It was good! But you really should turn down your music."
Then I introduced him to our Pastor and he told him to turn down the music.
He said he will see.

THEN This morning Christopher and I cooked breakfast for everyone:
Papa, Barb, Mom, Tim, Christopher, Hannah, and myself.
Chris made bacon and eggs.
I made our favorite Banana Chocolate Chip pancakes and then I tried this new recipe. It was delicious! I will most definitely make it again, maybe with some cinnamon added.
We also drank LOTS of coffee. (2 pots full=24 cups!)

Then we walked around downtown Columbia. I took everyone to Poppy, Bluestem Missouri Crafts, Get Lost Bookstore (where I bought Silent Spring), and Lakota. Chris and I had this picture snapped of us.

Weekend so far so good. One more din tonight.

**Also, crafters or craft followers I have this really cool new idea that I want to share, so will post tomorrow. Look for that! Happy weekend!

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