my really crazy idea

Last night Christopher and I had one last dinner with my Papa and his lady friend, also named Barb. We went to Crackerbarrel. Of course.

While at dinner my Papa shared with me some really neat and hard, yet beautiful stories of my Nana. It was good to know her more. I told him that when I think about her, I get mostly sad when I realize that my kids will never know my wonderful, frisky Nana who was an integral part of shaping the woman I am.
I started crying at the table.
Then he started crying at the table.
Then his lady friend Barb started crying at the table.
(Chris didn't. He's a man).
Then our water came and said, "Want more water?"

Besides all that it was good. Genuine conversation.
Ones I love.

He also bought me the hat up there in the photo of muah. I really like hats, especially this one. Can you notice I cut my hair last week?


Ok... so you want to know my crazy idea?
This is it:
It's crazy.
It's crafty.
It's super exciting.
And it's something you can partake in!

Lately, I have been thinking of my real purpose in crafts.
1. to rest
2. to make special homemade things for me (and my apt)
3. to make special homemade things for my loved ones

I think for some time I strayed from the purpose of why I enjoy crafting so much. I got so involved in the rapidness of making things to show off. But I really want to get back at the heart of it all, which is trying new things in order to enjoy myself, rest, spice up my apt, and bless others with pretty things.

I also have begun to think a lot about the holidays. I love giving gifts, especially really neat handmade ones and I love making the gifts unique to each individual. And if you know Christopher and myself you know that we have LOTS of family.
(4 moms, 4 dads, loads of grandmas, grandpas, sisters and bruthers, not to mention cousins...). And so...
(here comes the idea)
I have decided to begin a special blogging season
in honor of the upcoming season
to create holiday gifts
for loved ones.

Over the next 81 days until Christmas day I am going to spend time creating unique do-it-yourself Christmas gifts. After each one I will blog the creation, along with
how-to directions,
and helpful information
so you yourself can create some of these things for your family as well. I'd like to give it a number, but then that would put some stress on and if I remember the heart of crafting... it's all for fun.

And then, I want to post some of your pictures as well! So... share with me your own personal ideas, ideas you stole from others, or ideas of mine that you tried and want to share. Send me an email with your photos or a link to link you. I want to show your ideas off as well!

I'm going to call it:
crafting for christmas with aimee bee

Am I being too Martha Stewarty?
Good. :)

I think I will even start tomorrow.
Be looking.
Happy night!


Milly Tracy said...

Hi Aimee!
You don't know me, sorry if that's creepy, but stubled across your blog because we have a mutual friend; Lesley! Anyway, I just want you to know I love your blog! I am an elem ed major, and will student teach in the Spring, and I love crafts, and I am so excited to see your Christmas Crafts, and I think I will just do that right along with ya!
ANd... Cracker Barrel is my favorite. :) My husband and I go there QUITE often.

aimee bee said...


Thanks for saying Hi! I actually found Lesley's blog from blog stalking her, so no worries on that end. ;) Let me know if you make any of the crafts or do any of your own; I'd love to link you!

How are you feeling about student teaching? It's so fun!


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