my confession

I have a confession to make.
I stole some flowers today.

I got in the habit of doing this in the summertime.
You see, I really love flowers. However, I am also cheap.
Too cheap to actually go buy flowers.
In the summer time, when I got an itch to have some fresh flora on my table I would stick a pair of scissors in my back pocket and hop-skip across the street to a cliff side and cut some out of the waist high weeds.
Then the City of Columbia decided to build a fence here.

So, today I was driving home from Ashland scoping out wildflowers on the side of the road (as I do frequently), when I spotted some at the stoplight by Highway 63 and Stadium Blvd. So my friend Lis and I cut out some baby sunflowers while people drove by staring at us funny.
I'm okay with that,
because looooooook at my table flora!

p.s. Make sure to shake off the bugs.
(I came home to a cricket making his mating call in my living room).


Hannah said...

you always have confessions!
make that TWO crickets/grasshoppers.

Aaron said...

You should go check out Three Creeks around July. Sunflowers are all over the place and freakishly huge.

Laurie Sue said...

Beautiful Bouquet!

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