flat tire

I had been anticipating this weekend for a while. It's become somewhat of a tradition. October and March, the months Christopher and I travel 7.5 hours one way to visit my sister, David, and Diesel. This time I was hoping to meet my nephew. He decided not to show quite yet.

Chris and I wanted to get a head start. I finished parent-teacher conferences Thursday night at 7:30pm. I came home to my hubalicious sitting at the table with two plates of lasagna and salad. (I need to tell you a story about that later).

Over dinner we had a discussion about which car to take. You see, when we travel we have to make the ultimate decision. Aimee's car that is reliable but only has enough room for two passengers and only has two good tires (2006 mazda miata, thanks to the rents) or Chris's car that needs a new transmission and has room for 5 passengers.

The choices are hard. Driving my car means more safety, but it also means we can't take Diesel anywhere during the weekend.We opted for a safer trip and decided to take my little baby car. We had no idea what we were in for.

After dinner we packed up the car and headed out. By the time we left it was 9pm. I immediately fell asleep; although to my defense I fought it hard-core. Christopher, so sweet, kept saying, "Just go to sleep. Just sleep." I was worried that he was too tired and would drive off the road. Not worried enough I guess because I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew we were in Springfield.

We slept hard and awoke early. I wanted an early start because I wanted as much Diesel and Ashley time as possible.

Weekends like this are fun, but they are also really quick. I hate that I spend almost 16 hours of the weekend just driving. So, I like to rise early and go to bed late, driving included. After chatting with Chris' mom we left at 8am (later than I wanted but okay... I would be driving anyway which means we would get there faster). We crossed the border a little after 9am. I was so proud of myself, I even texted my sis. Her response: "Holy ****! Slow down."

I remember smiling in pride. We would get there earlier than I even told her! It was right about this time that I also noticed I had to pee really bad. I didn't want to mess with my time though, so I told Chris I would wait another 15-20 miles until the next stop.

Not two miles later, I was driving in the left lane (passing someone surely) when we heard a loud thud coming from the front right tire. I looked at Chris. He looked at me. And he said, "Wow, that was a large rock." Then, the shaking started. Every single part of the car started shaking. At first it was softer, then it became more violent. Finally, it was to the point where it was difficult for me to keep holding onto the steering wheel. I yelled some unproductive comments to Christopher. He matched me with some words back. Next thing I know it we are on the side of I-44 in the middle of nowhere in my little baby car full of pee, anger, and frustration, lacking a spare and full of one blown out tire. Things were not so good.

What to do?

First I thought of my grandparents AAA. Then I thought it would be nice to be someone with AAA.

Then, I thought of calling my dad. I always want to call him when things are wrong. Then I remembered that he was probably sitting in his new office in Kennewick, Washington far, far away. Sad.

See, it's far.

Then we noticed a sticker on the back of my car. In reaaaaally small letters it said "Mazda Roadside Assistance 1-800-blah-blah-blah." I thought it was worth a shot. In my mind, I was thinking that the least they would do is call the tow truck company for us, since we don't have a phone book and all.

Within minutes they had a tow truck company on its way with direction to tow us to Tulsa to the nearest Mazda dealership (still heading in our same direction, good). And the best thing: the towing was free. FREE. FREE! (We later asked our tower how much would the tow cost for us and he said somewhere around $400. How did this happen? Amazing.)

Before our tow dude arrived I decided it was best that I peed. However, if you've ever driven to Oklahoma, you know that it is the land of flat places. Few trees, lots of grass, and lots of flat land. If I tried to pop a squat on the nearest tree I would have to

1). walk a mile and
2). still be seen by all the passing cars.

So, I nicely asked Chris to block my view and relieved myself from the passenger side of my vehicle. It was a good idea, but Chris thought it was gross. He needs to get used to being peed on, right momma ladies?

Finally, after 45 minutes of "I can't believe this" and "our luck" and "so much for leaving early" we were rescued by Danny the tow truck man and driven to Tulsa, Oklahoma. (I have to say, that we had a very stimulating conversation with this nice Christian man about adoption, Jesus, tornadoes, and towing). He told us that the tire had blown from overuse. We assumed this was the case.

You see, way back in June we had an inspection over my baby car. They told us everything was fine except my tires. My tires would not pass inspection. However, when you own a baby miata convertible the tires for that thing are not so cheap. We politely asked if they would pass our inspection if we bought TWO new tires and saved the other two to buy in the winter. They obliged, kind of like your mom and dad say okay you can have a cookie after an hour of begging. We thought we had it good. Little did we know it would come back to haunt us.

Danny dropped us off at the dealership. The Mazda man laughed at us for having two poor tires and asked if we wanted to replace not only the blown tire but also the other one that was in need for replacement. We thought it was smart to do so.

So, after an hour or so of being babied by the Mazda dealership with bottled water, coffee and CNN our car was ready to go with 2 brand spanking new tires. We left Tulsa and finally arrived in El Reno, Oklahoma at 4:20 pm. 4 hours later than our predicted arrival time.

I think I am okay with that though, despite all else.

How was your weekend?


suzanne said...

Sorry about the tire, but that Mazda service came through for you!! YEA!! Love you guys.

suzanne said...

What about your new car?

Laurie Sue said...

It was the weekend for flat tires, huh? We also had a wonderful guardian angel rescue us! Thank you, Purcell Auto Service! I'll sent you a picture of the Cobalt tomorrow. It's not pretty . . .

aimee bee said...

Suzanne: our nused car is having transmission trouble. We think it's covered under Warren, just have to get it to st. charles to get fixed

Mom: I can't believe you guys got a flat too. That's crazy!

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