Crafting for Christmas: Crocheted Blanket

Over the weekend, I crocheted another blanket for baby Sawyer. I thought this would be a very great #3 craft. It was very similar to this one. These are really easy blankets to make because you can adjust the size and color depending on who the gift is for. I made a smaller blanket for baby Saw about 3 feet by 3 feet. It took me a few hours to complete. However, if you have lots of time, you can easily make a larger blanket for a larger child or adult.

I created this blanket in all double crochets (which is very similar to single, regular, crocheting just adding one extra step). I like making my blankets in double or treble crochet because it takes less time and the holes are larger (a great idea for new babies for breathing reasons).

As usual I used Lion Brand Yarn (my favorite so far). I recommend using Vanna's Choice or Vanna's Choice Baby if you're into that. I didn't follow a pattern, because once you decide on a size it is basically following the chain. However, Lion Brand also has some great free patterns here.

One more thing... I think it is really fun to spice up a blanket with a little extra something. You can find easy patterns online for little shapes and sizes. This also gives the blanket more personality to match the person you are giving it to. these birdies

For Saw's blanket I added a small crocheted square that I found in one of my Nana's craft bags. Sometime before she passed away she had crocheted about ten different squares of different colors and sizes. I just took one for Saw and added it to the blanket. I think it would be really special to add one to each of the (future) great grand kids blankets.

Happy Monday!


Hannah said...

cute little Aimee. you know i think the granny squares (literally!) are so sweet. come home from wherever you are because i have a teeny present for you. you will probably already have gotten it by the time you see this.
also, i love you.

Stevi said...

I've been doing baby blankets and scarves like a fiend lately. I love the double-crochet too. It makes a blanket that's warm, but light weight enough to be used all year round. I've used both Lion and Vanna's Choice, and also found a two other brands that I really like. I'll check when I get home and let you know what they are. I like the addition of the granny square. I'll have to have my mom teach me to do those.

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