#2 Crafting for Christmas: A Cowl

A What?
No, not a cow... a cowl!

*Warning* There is a ridiculous photo shoot following the instructions. Be prepared!

That's right ladies and gents. I successfully created my first cowl. And so can you.
If you've ever crocheted a scarf it's like that, but shorter and wider.
(And it takes less time).

I used one of my Nana's handed down crochet hooks: size N, brand Boye. (However, any brand or size works for this).

Here's what I did:
1. I crocheted a single chain, about 22 inches then turned.
2. I crocheted a double crochet row to follow the single chain then turned.
3. I crocheted a treble crochet row attached to the double.
4. I repeated steps 2 &3 over and over until it was about a foot in length.
5. I finished with a single row.

If you did it my way, it looks like this:

6. After making the length of the cowl, I then stitched the two ends together using what was left of my yarn.

When you finish stitching the ends, it will look a little something like this:

I linked some video tutorials for single, double, and treble crochet. However, I learned to do all of this from Linda Permann's book Crochet Adorned. Check out her book and her blog!
I checked this book out from the library last November because I wanted to experiment. It wasn't returned until April when my Papa bought the book for me.
It's great. I recommend!

And finally, a photo shoot of the final product.
Using a model who cannot pose for nothin.

the serious, messy look

the too much teeth look

my chin, hello chin!

the typical aimee in front of a camera look

the serious look again,
this time close-up


And finally, my typical real life look:

Anyone else want to model for me after I finish a craft?
Please do!


Lesley said...

i've been wanting to learn to crochet for so long now. i just need to do it!! i wouldn't be much of a better model... plus i live a few hours away. ;) but come to springfield and we can do the photo shoot together.

aimee bee said...

Les, I would recommend picking up that book I wrote about. (Crochet Adorned) It really was helpful. THEN just practice a ton. Crocheting is great because you can take it anywhere. Oh and hey, we'll be in town for Thanksgiving! Maybe we could photoshoot together... or at least get coffee. :)

Linda P said...

What a cute cowl, and I'm thrilled that my book helped you learn how to make the stitches! Very cool.

Happy Crocheting!

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