#1 Crafting for Christmas: Bakerella's Cake Pops

For my #1 Christmas Craft I decided to make something edible.
Sometimes I think those crafts are the best.

My friend Kirstin recently got Bakerella's new cake pops book. I am very jealous and want this for Christmas. (*Hint*Hint* family). In light of the upcoming season Kirstin and I made Halloween cake-pops. However, Mrs. Bakerella has loads and loads of cake pops in her awesome new book, including many Christmas cake pops. (Christmas trees, reindeer, a snowman and probably others).

In order to make these a special holiday gift, after creating slip it into a small plastic bag (available at Michaels), tie a bow around it, and call it a day.
I know I would love an edible gift!

[Since her book gives a great how-to guide
and since there are probably legal issues against me sharing
I decided to keep this how-to guide to Bakerella.]

Buy the book.
Borrow the book.
Check it out from the library.
It's worth it.

the chocolate covering (pre-melt)

rolling cake balls

Kirstin and Cassie


me, during dip


And now a word from our sponsors...



angry alien


p.s. I'm sure I'll be adding to this in the future. There is talk on the streets of us doing the Christmas Tree soon enough. We figure we should wait until after Halloween at least, right Kirstin?

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David "Doc" Nelson said...

You're a neat lady ma'am.

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