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Warning: this post is a bit random, filled with mostly boringly interesting updates on my life, as usual. Enjoy!

I have to say that I am even more in love with Apple than before.
Last week I opened my baby girl mac to see a chunk of my computer missing.
Poor girl.
Within a day she was at the doc being fixed for FREE!
I picked her up today. 5 long days without her. It was rough, yes. But she is in better shape than ever and has a brand spankin' new keyboard. So, I am now indulging in the sweet presence of my baby girl on the couch with my hubby. (Notice that he is watching this).
I promise I will get some work done today.


In other more pressing news, I officially drank my first shot of espresso. Plain jane. No additions. I think I'll stay with my coffee and espresso specialty drinks, especially the Autumn Latte now at DB. Yum. You should come and have me make you one.
But not today. Today is the day of freedom (no work).


And finally the post I have been meaning to post but couldn't post without my computer:

September 19, 2010
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K
pictures courtesy of Kirstin
(Kirstin, if you had a blog I'd link you... another reason to start one!)

Christopher finished in 23 minutes,
I finished in 31.
For the record he was sore afterward and I was not. ;)

Kirstin and her Momma

The finish line (in Faurot Field)

Chris, me, Kirstin, and Deb after the race
(We were a bit wet).

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Laurie Sue said...

YaHoo! You're back! I missed you so much ~


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