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A few weeks ago Chris and I visited my Dad's side of the family in Rolla. When we were there we went to a new store in town called The Blue Beagle. It's basically a pottery shop where you can paint your own pottery. We have a similar one in Columbia called The Mud Room.

Chris and I went with my siblings Taylor and Garrett. Garrett painted a dragon, Taylor painted a to-go coffee mug, and Christopher and I both painted some coffee mugs. They are near and dear to our hearts.

It was really fun pulling out our creative sides and seeing the stark difference in interests.
Well.. you see:

Christopher's Mug

My mug:


Aaron said...

It seems like it'd be difficult to paint the inside of the mugs. Is that done before putting them in the oven?

aimee bee said...

Yep, it sure is. It is hard, especially when you have a small mug. However, the pottery stores usually have special tubes for writing with paint to make it a bit easier.

Laurie Sue said...

Absolutely beautiful. Will you help me, next time you are in town, make a few coffee cups as gifts?

You and Chris are both wonderfully talented and creative. I can't wait to watch your babies grow up (wink wink) ;-) I'm really not rushing you, truly!

David "Doc" Nelson said...

Mmmmm, I knew there was a reason Chris and I were friends.

Rachel said...

ha, i loved how different the mugs are. so cute!

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