Makes Scents in the heart of Columbia

Kirstin at Makes Scents in downtown Columbia

Last Friday was my good friend Kirstin's b-day, so I took her to a special place.
I kind of think of this place as a secret place because it took me a while to discover it.
But it's not really a secret because it's right down there in the heart of The District.
Just a bit new to me.

I took her to Makes Scents,
the magical place where you can create your own perfume.
So... we sat there for 1.5 hours in decision.
We went back and forth.
Sometimes she liked mine more than she liked hers.
And then sometimes I liked hers more than I liked mine.
We went through a gazillion different smells until we landed
on the ones.
Hers: Peach Tea (smelled like peaches)
Mine: Elaine Rose (smelled like my Nana)

My many choices... I chose #8

I recommend it.
And we already decided that we are going to go back in a few months to get a "winter" perfume.


I also registered for 2 things today that I am really looking forward to.

1. NSTA Regional Conference
The regional hub for science teachers galore!
Oct 28-30th

2. Race for the Cure 5K
This Sunday in Columbia, MO!
(Have I mentioned that I am getting back into my running groove. Ran 3 miles today!)

And you know what's really, REALLY cool?
Christopher registered with me!
He's getting back into his running groove too!

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Lesley said...

i need to start running again!!

and, i want to make my own perfume. so cool.

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