last days of summer

Last night Christopher and I spent our date night on the Missouri River.

The weather was perfect.
The sweet tea was yummy.
Time with my man was much needed.
I feel very fortunate to have nights like these with a guy like him.

Here is us.
On the hood of our car.
Soaking in the last days of summer.

And the best part...
we match.
Chris hates it when we match. But I love it.


Aaron said...

You guys should check out Eagle Bluffs sometime. Great view if you don't mind the hike.

Laurie Sue said...

Noticed you had McAllister's tea. My boss says it's the best, but almost 1,000 calories for a large iced tea. Is that true???

Lesley said...

Michael isn't a big fan of when I try to match him...mostly when he gets dressed after me and I think we clash then have to change and make us late. It happens too often around our place. Speaking of our place...come to Springfield and visit!

Anonymous said...

You're straws even match!

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