Get Low

Tonight I traveled to St. Charles.
I am hosting a small
by shower

for my beautiful prego sister tomorrow afternoon.
And I am so excited.

I'll give you some hints.
There will be prego photos, thrift store frames, the cutest clothes line you've ever seen in your life, many many diapers and socks, and lots of yummy desserts, including blue, green, and yellow ones.

I am currently making cake pops. Inspired by Bakerella.
I am at the part where you wait for the cake to cool.

I know, I know.
It's late.
But the reason I didn't start earlier is because I went to the movie theater to see Get Low with my Papa, a family friend Barb, my Momma, and Tim.

The man reminded me of an old friend.
It was a good movie though, an especially good movie to see with my Papa.
It kind of makes me wish I could grow out a beard whenever I want to be alone.
Growth hormones anyone?

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