apple pie

Ladies and Gentlemen,
children and babies,
Bella and Brego,
I successfully baked my first completely homemade
apple pie.
Actually, I successfully baked my first completely homemade
This is a big deal to me.
(I even wore my apron).

And I afterward I thought
"Yah, know. It was actually quite fun."

So... let's just call this #1,
toward a fall of many delicious (hopefully) pies.
I am going to make Christopher work for his figure.

apple pie recipe here
crust recipe here

* I use whole wheat flour, and I would use a different crust recipe next time.


Rachel said...

aimee! you're so cute! i can never make a proper pie crust...its one cooking/baking skill i do not possess, so i am very impressed when others can accomplish this! hope it was yummy!

Lesley said...

sweeet. i've decided i'm going to bake more too, which means i should probably join in the running part as well. i bought a dessert cookbook today and i'm excited to try new recipes!

Erin said...

Bella and Brego are impressed though they want to try it out!!! So do I.

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