vacation week

I forgot to say that we were going on vacation.
Or did I?
I can't remember.

Anyway, Christopher and I just got home from a four day vacation across Missouri. It was relaxing as most vacations are, but I have to admit that I was a bit ready to snuggle in to our warm and homey apartment. Minus the spiders.

Originally, we had planned to spend a weekend + Monday and Tuesday floating on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. And then life got crazy and work schedules changed, so we switched to Plan B which was a huge blessing! The Witte Zoo (my aunt, uncle, and cousins) opened up their cabin to us for a few nights, and then we nestled in with my Dad's side of the family for a few nights at the Red House of the Rainbow Trout Ranch in Rockbridge, Missouri.

The first two days with just Chris and I consisted of sleeping anytime, eating deli sandwiches, drinking coffee, watching Inception, reading our favorite books (another story), lake swimming, and sunset watching. Chris also taught me how to dive. Score!

coffee for two

coffee lovers

our abode for two nights
Thank you Witte Zoo!

The last couple days entailed trout fishing (lots of fishing!), trout eating, family rivalry through bananagrams, and oodling over Diesel. I have to say that I caught the second largest fish of all 8 of us, 9 including the Diesonator. A 3.46 lb. beauty, only second to my brother's 3.50 pounder.

hanging by the riverbank

My 3.46 pounder.
I was a little intimidated by it, if you can't tell.

splish splashing

David caught a lot of fish!

Chris fishing away

Dad and Suzanne at the waterfall

dusk at the waterfall

Buster sporting his birthday fishing vest.

the guys

I also took some photos of my pregnant sister and her Sawyer belly for her shower (another story). Those still need some editting though. Next time!


Anonymous said...

Fun! Hope you two had a fantastic time!

lesley said...

i was wondering where you were! ;)

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