six years in the making.

Ice skating in KC, circa 2005

Hey. There. You. Blogger friends that I have neglected.
How are you?
I am doing well, thanks for asking.
Life has been crazy. So crazy in fact that I have neglected to write.
And share. And process.

You know where I've been?
I've been student teaching. I've been studying for classes. I've been visiting with friends and beginning my new job. But the craziest thing that has kept me so busy this past week has been inviting new Mizzou freshman to this little thing we call The Rock.

The Rock is a non-denominational campus church that Christopher and I attend. Chris is on staff. We both started attending as freshman. The Rock was so influential in our lives that we decided to stick around after college and continue pouring into the lives of college students.
And lucky me, I still am one!

This whole week, however, has made me think a lot about my own first week as a freshman. Just think, 6 years ago from yesterday I walked to my first class by myself as a new freshman at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Bible morning on at Capen Park, 6:00 am, circa 2005

I had so many different emotions.
I was excited, anxious, scared, nervous, thrilled, worried, and shy. I had always dreamed of going to college and I was stoked to finally be there. But the one thing that was on my mind the most was finding a church community to call home.

Trip to the South, circa 2006

You see, I became a Christian only one month before entering college. I had never had much of a church to call home or a group of friends that were believers. I had no idea what to expect.
And so I spent the next semester attending every ministry imaginable, asking God where he wanted me.

STL trip, circa 2007

And then one day a little bird told me about this place called The Rock.
So I asked one of my friends in the dorms, Jenna Asher (in above photo), to go with me. Our first service was in December of my freshman year.
The rest is history.
I immediately was plugged into a group of people that changed my life and that will always be some of my best friends.

Valentine's Masquerade Gala, circa 2006

Honestly folks, my life is forever changed.
Not because The Rock alone is life-changing, but because The Rock allows itself to reflect Jesus' beauty through its people to be life-changing.

Drage's House, circa 2007

Life is a bit different now.
I am married.
I no longer live with girls and girls and girls.
Friends have gone. friends have come.
But that community, the one that helped me build up into the woman I am now, stays with me.

Maybe this year I will be able to be a part of another freshman's story.
That'd be pretty great.

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Andrea Ferrell said...

aimee, this post is so bitter sweet. it floaded my mind with wonderful memories....we had such fun and precious times together. it has started to seem like a long time ago for me and not like it was just the other day....but the memories are strong and beautiful. thanks for the reminder of how blessed of a time college was for me...and that was because of you and the community of the Rock. good times. love ya. andrea

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