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Today was my first Craft Sabbath in a great while. In fact, this whole next week might be devoted to lots of crafts with a little bit of online classery and job hunting in the mix, until school begins next Monday.

Unfortunately, I really didn't know what to do with myself today. I walked around my apartment like a zombie until 2pm when Chris and I realized we were hungry and had no food in our apartment. After grocery shopping, my good friend Kirstin stopped by and helped me process my thoughts. I realized that I have had a lot of things jam-packed into my head and I hadn't really gotten it out in a while. It was good to unpack. (Thanks Kirstin, for letting me unpack on you). I still feel like I have more to go... later this week.

After she left, I finally had some inspiration. I've been wanting some accessories to spice up my plain shirts and cardigans this school year. So... I made a few and then a few more for etsy.

Any ideas for future pins? A different type of flower? I'd love ideas! :)


Aaron said...

I just realized I have no idea how to sew a on a button. :/

Anonymous said...

These are pretty neato!

Unknown said...

Buttons are super simple. Thread your needle (make sure you tie a knot at the end) and go from back to front (starting from the back, so your knot is in back). It's pretty self explanatory once you try it. ;)

Marcy said...

I would love to see you try little owls or giraffes.

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