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Christopher and I had a lovely day today in Rolla, MO visiting my family. We left in the late morning, lunched with my Momma and Tim, painted pottery with my sibs Taylor and Garrett, and finished the day with a great dinner at Gordos with my Dad and Suzanne.

I have two neat things to share.

One, I added some new pins to my pin collection. (Pictures are below).
The apple pin was featured here.

Two, my friend Lesley recently blogged about making homemade laundry detergent.
I though that was such a cool idea.
You can check that out here.



Laurie Sue said...

Let me know if you find the Fels naptha soup. I'm really interested in making this laundry detergent.

Lesley said...

i found the soap at harter house. mrs. meyer's soap would also work... (and they smell GOOD) they have them at mama jean's or probably any natural food store! it's a little more expensive (like $2 more), but worth the scent.

aimee bee said...

mom, you may have to order it online or come visit me in columbia to get it. Rolla may not be that progessive. :)

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