icing sweat

Wanna know how hot its been in our apartment lately?
So hot that it melted this icing
the cupcake.

But don't worry.
Chris isn't trying to sweat me out or anything,
we've just been gone during the days and turn the AC off.
I don't mind, but these cupcakes do.

To keep myself cool I've been making myself these lovely little tea drinks.
All I do is heat some water in my tea kettle (thanks to Erin),
steep my tea for about 5 minutes,
and pour the hot tea over a tall glass of ice.
Within minutes it melts to make a lovely iced tea.

Can you believe it's almost September?


Lesley said...

that's one hot apartment!! will you guys be coming to springfield anytime soon? i'd love to get together!

Unknown said...

Hm.. good question Les. I think we will be coming at least in November. We'll have a week off then. If we come before I'll let you know, but otherwise we should meet then! :)

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