a good day

Today was quite eventful. Already.

First of all: I got a job!
Today was my first day at Dunn's Bros Coffee shop.

Today was also my first day of student teaching.
(Kids don't come until Wed. though).

Then after banking a job, I allowed myself to splurge on some very needed materials:
Like these glasses.
Like a teacher lesson plan book. (I feel official!)
and a monthly planner.

And then I allowed myself to splurge on some not-so-necessary items:
Like nail polish.
And mascara.

I am in such a darn good mood that I find myself smiling big at old men and talking to butterflies. That's when you know its been a good day.
And best of all: I get to have dinner with my hubby.

Happy 22nd Birthday to my brother Buster!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job and good luck with the kids!

Are you are Barista I guess?

aimee bee said...

Yes, Barista I am :)

Erin said...

You are going to work with Wendy!! I plan to come in a get some coffee and watch you work.

aimee bee said...

Wendy is actually leaving. This is her last week I think. :(

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