deep cleaning dog days

There has been lots of deep cleaning going on during these dog days at the Swift residence. If you were to walk into our apartment right now you would get yourself a great big 'ole whiff of pine sol + bleach + windex. It's been quite the adventure. I have to say that I put my swiffer wet-jet to the side and have been scrubbing floors Momma Dunn style: on my hands and knees with a wash rag. This little apartment needs it though, badly.

In my last week of summer I have had an on-going check list. As I check off two or three at least one more gets added. The goal is to be done by Friday... hm...

Aimee's To Do List:

· Buy books

· Sell back books

· Register for classes

· Get glasses

· Refill prescription

· Send out invitations for shower

· Job hunt indefinitely

· Complete Chapter One for online class

· Make crafts

· Get health insurance

Think I can finish by Friday?
I hope so!


I meet my 6th grade kiddos today! Yipee!

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Lesley said...

i did that last week before we left so we'd come home to a nice, clean home. i was a little worried while we were gone though because michael's sister was house/dog sitting and millie can be a handful!!

hope you get all your to-do's done! i have faith that you can!

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