Baker Boys Birthday Bash

Diesel Dan at the Baker Boys Birthday Bash 2009

Last night my sister called.
She asked if I would be up for another Baker Boys Birthday Bash in October.
I said "of course."
You see, my sister is a lucky woman.
Because both the men in her family have birthdays on the same day.
David Baker, November 11th 1983 (I think)
Diesel Dan, November 11th 2007
Even the belly baby has a due date that is super close
(November 10, 2010).

And she says they weren't planned.

Speaking of the baker boys,
I get to see Diesel Dan, Ash, and baby Saw (in the form of a belly still) this weekend
for her baby shower!

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Laurie Sue said...

So EXCITED! Counting the hours 'til I see you at PaPa's. I'm picking up Barb (can't wait to give her a hug and tell her she is NaNa's blessing). Give me a list of what I need to do and when you need it done. I'm ready, willing, and able!

Love You,

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