you guessed it!

Great Guesses!
Introducing Mr. Alien Giraffe!
I feel like I should be having a baby or something,
all these cutsie animals
and cutsie names.
No, I am just a really good aunt/sister.

Here he is:

He's a little lopsided.
It's kind of like he's dancing.
Look at that leg kick!

And a back view...

with a booty shot

What a model...
(admit it, he looks kind of like an alien)

Now, I know what you are thinking:
"You're crazy aimee! Only crazy-crochet women make stuffed animals!"
Well... true and not true.
#1: a little crazy ain't all that bad.
#2: it is WAY easier than you probably think.
the hardest part is sewing the individual pieces together,
and that's not even hard just sometimes frustrating.
p.s. If you try this on your own, pick up a needle with a large hook, large enough to fit yarn in, to sew the pieces together.

What should I do next?
Lion. Penguin. Owl. Seal. Monkey?


Kate said...

These are SO cute and I feel kind of obligated to learn how to make these before our baby is born. Except I feel obligated to do about a million things before that...

Anyway, I vote penguin or monkey!

lesley said...


Aaron said...

Nice, an alien giraffe!


Lindsay said...

owl. :)

Anonymous said...

The eyes a kinda creepy! :) Love these little things though. And I was so right...GIRAFFE!

Now do an ant eater!

David "Doc" Nelson said...


KeithMont said...

I saw this jellyfish and it reminded me of your giraffe.

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