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they get my vote

I want to share with you two organizations that get my vote... and money, because maybe someday they could get yours too.

One, I discovered when scouring the internet for the books I needed for my summer classes. is the first, whose mission is to collect and sell books online in order to give money to literacy initiatives worldwide. It's really amazing. It was started by a couple college grads who were tired of selling their books back for nothing to greedy colleges. Instead, they started a drive on their campus and raised over $10,000 in one semester. Amazing! Check out their blog here.

Better World Books

What it really neat, is you can buy, sell or donate books. They cover the shipping (if you are in the US) whether you buy, sell or donate. (Yes, that is correcto... you don't pay shipping if you buy!) AND, you can pick which literacy fund you would like to donate your money to. Very cool! I am actually mailing a book to them tomorrow. Goodbye Educational Psychology...

The second, is Seventh Generation. Now, I'm not really into "going green" just to "be green." One, because going green is really expensive and I am poor. But two, because I think that is silly. I think you should stand up for what you believe in yes, but only if you believe in it...

...Actually, I changed my mind. Who cares what your motive is. Go Green! Shoot, tell your mother. With that being said, I have been eyeing this company for a while. Today I caved and bought me some goods.

Way back in the day (like last year) Chris and I bought this little book from a Fair trade store in dowtown St. Louis. In it was all different types of things you buy from computers to cookies to see how that company ranked in regards to environmental and societal standards. Seventh Generation was the leading company in cleaning products, feminine hygiene, laundry detergent, among others.

Today at Hy-vee my shopping list included dish soap and multi-purpose cleaner. Almost every time I venture to Hy-vee on a longer-than-just-apples shopping trip, I always pass by the organic section.. just to look. Everything is so interesting, but so darn expensive. And since I have known about 7th for a while, I always take a little gander at what they have going on.

So today when I noticed Seventh Generation had some coupons available I took them up on their offer. It wasn't until tonight when I signed up on their website did I realize that they give lots of coupons if you are a member.

You can even buy these:

Hah! Although not as cool as the thing my friend Olivia told me about... but that's another story.


Laurie Sue said...

Do they have Chlorine free toilet paper? My sweet tender skin, already sensitive from the lupus and s'jogrens, requires NO fragrances and perfumes which has been easy to find in the last year or so... but toilet paper? It may be perfume free, it may say sensitive to the skin, but in the end it's ALL recycled and bleached . . .

aimee bee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aimee bee said...

I believe they do!

Olivia said...

Oh crack me up. So Diva it is then?! Lol!

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