a rosey memory

In studying for an upcoming test, I've been reading through my Biology textbook from freshman year of college. I hadn't opened it since the December afternoon I finished my last final in that class. Today, I was reading through Chapter 6 about the Biology of a Cell when I noticed a flattened and dried rose petal partially falling out somewhere around Chapter 20. I quickly flipped to that page and found about 20 yellow petals. I thought it was cute. Without thinking I said:

Me: Hey Honey?
Chris: (from the other room) Yeah?
Me: Have you ever given me roses?
Chris: ... No... why?
Me: (Woops!) No reason...

Needless to say, when my dear Christopher came home from the grocery store today he brought me this:

Ain't he a keeper?


Laurie Sue said...

He certainly is! We love him very much! (Tim says maybe you should set your sites a little higher next time. jk)

lesley said...

sweet :)

inception: was very different, but i say it's a must see. it had me thinking most of the movie. it was long, but worth it. michael and i were still talking about it when we got home and all the different things the ending could mean and what reaaaally was going on. we think there should be a part two to explain. :)

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