roller coaster weekend

My weekend was good. It was really good. It was so good that the moment I said goodbye to my sister and Diesel and drove around the bend to the end of my Papa's driveway, I had to take a pause and let out a deep, heartfelt sob.

You see going home is very emotional these days. Sometimes I feel like I am riding a roller coaster. It is so good that my heart feels so overwhelmed with deep love, care, and tenderness from and for my family; yet my heart continues to break for the loss of my sweet Nana, the presence she was, the hole she left behind, and the realization that every single one of my family members that I love so much will eventually go in the same direction, including me.

Needless to say most weekends are overwhelming.

But as I sat at the end of my Papa's driveway, looking through the review mirror at the beautiful and colorful home that my Nana and Papa created throughout the years, I thanked God for so much love, so much goodness, so much wonder in my life that my cup of happiness continues to overflow again, and again, and again.

And it makes me excited for the beautiful and colorful home that Christopher and I have the opportunity to create in our lifetime.

Grandpa Jerry and Diesel

Taylor and me

Watching the fish at NewTown

Diesel and Ally

Picking veggies in Nana and Papa's garden


By the way, this is my Papa, "The Grassman"

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Anonymous said...

Saw these pics on facebook. Looks like some good times with the family!

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