on flowers

Of all the things I like to photograph, flowers are my favorite.
If I could be any living thing other than a human, I would most definitely be a flower.
I was raised on these things.

They are as essential as coffee on an early morning,
as an umbrella in the rain,
as squirrel poison on my porch
... just kidding. Although sometimes I wish...

Speaking of flowers, this weekend I am moving camp to my Papa's house. He already has a list of fun activities planned out for us. My Papa is a retired lanscaper/plant nursery owner and so this man loves flowers even more than me. In fact, on Sunday mornings he sells his plants at a local flea market in Ofallon, MO. He always leaves late on Saturday and camps overnight in the bed of his truck so he can get a good spot. I am hoping he'll let me camp out with him and experience the life of a thrilling flea market salesman.. woman.

Until then, enjoy some photos taken from The Swifts backyard.


lesley said...

i like flowers, too! i need to spend more time next spring out in the yard... it was kind of hard this year since we had just moved in.

you should read this post. i think you would enjoy it.
it's from a blog i've been reading for quite some time.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I hope to see pics of your truck bed camping! Sounds fun!

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