a july wedding.

This weekend Christopher and I went to our friends' wedding. It was outside at 4 pm on Saturday.

There was a man in front of me that was sweating like crazy. For a while before the ceremony started I just watched the sweat drip, drip, drip. Poor man wearing his tux. And then I looked around and felt so sorry for all men because they have to wear tuxes at weddings while girls get to wear dresses.

Amen women. I was rather comfortable in my dress sitting in the semi-shade fanning my face. And I am happy to be a woman.

The wedding was beautiful. The bride looked great and happy, and the ceremony was quick! It made me wish again that I could plan another wedding with the same man. We should have weddings every year on our anniversary, honey. ;)

In between the ceremony and reception I asked Chris to take a quick picture since I have been in dresses so little this summer. And this is how it looked:


Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with the last picture? Also outdoor weddings in July seem like torture!

lesley said...

i wanted an outdoor wedding SO bad, but our date was 8-8 sooooo michael talked me out of it. boy, was i glad he did!? our day was hot, sticky and windy all at the same time. we did get lots and lots of pretty pictures outside though.

i like your bangs in the first picture!

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