I hit the jackpot today.

First, I finished my last class.
And now I get a break
for 2 weeks!

Second, I came home to a dumpster of goods.
I wanted all of it, of course,
but I only let myself indulge in these books:

LIFE Nature Library science books
for my future classroom,
how fitting.

And third, I get to spend some good time with good friends tonight at

I hope your friday is just great!


Anonymous said...

Using books from the dumpster in your classroom? What are you doing in the dumpster anyway? :)

Laurie Sue said...

I had those books growing up - I think NaNa (or PaPa) ordered them and we got one a month for infinity. I wonder if they are still in PaPa's basement?

aimee bee said...

Rafe, I like college student's dumpsters. They get rid of the darndest things! My future home will be full of refurbished college student garbage. :)

Mom, I will ask Papa! That would be awesome to have the whole set!

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