I have to show you something

Christopher and I had a great 4th of July weekend. We did many things, like:

eat dinner and breakfast with my Dad and Suzanne at Macaronni Grill and Cafe Berlin (my love)
hang out with the Swifts, including the grandparentals
watch Independence Day
celebrate with good food and fireworks at the Horsmans
dominate at Ultimate Frisbee
yell at some teenage girls for shooting our cousin in the ear with a bottle rocket
and drive a lot.

But one of my favorite things we did was take a scenic pit stop

Are you ever driving down the road when you have an urge to pull over and run through the field, take some good photos, and reflect on the beauty of the Lord in our wonderful thing called nature?

Well, that happens to me a lot. Thankfully, when I noticed this neat "spot" on the way home from Springfield yesterday, Chris was with me. We U turned our baby car, pulled off on the side road, and let loose!

It was so.much.fun!
Next time you get that urge,
do it!

I have some really really fun photos from this past weekend, but since I am swamped already I will load them slowly...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great spot you found! Love the photos!

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