Happy 4th!

Chris and I are in Springfield this weekend celebrating with his family for their Annual 4th of July Party. And I can't seem to stay awake.

We went grocery shopping for his Mom just a bit ago. We were walking around Price Cutter like little zombies. I kept forgetting what I was looking for. I would look up and see Chris like a mile down at a different part of the store, just staring. Lost like a zombie.

On the way home we tried having a normal conversation but I was so tired I kept slurring my words together into one. Chris told me I should probably pull over and let him drive because if I couldn't form proper sentences, I shouldn't be driving. I kept driving.

Maybe the fireworks will wake us up.

Here are some photogs from last year:

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Anonymous said...

I hope you woke up and had a good time!

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