fm morning

Today Christopher and I woke up a bit early and ventured to our local Farmer's Market. A morning at the fm is always a good morning, especially when I can get my hubalicous to go with.

We started out with two large cups of Lakota coffee at the Oasis, and headed out on our buying. I have to say that we definitely splurged. We bought six ears of fresh sweet corn, one quart of fresh blackberries, one bag of fresh basil, a bag of red potatoes, and a small cup of homemade honey vanilla ice cream for breakfast. We met up with our friends Erica and Swithin and had a blast.

Erica and Swithin make little grilled sandwiches with fresh basil, cheese, and veggies. We thought that was a great idea and plan to give it a try. P.S. Fresh basil smells so much better than the kind you find in your spice rack (nothing against spice racks). And Momma, why does fresh basil smell remind me of our backyard in St. Charles?

What did you do on this Saturday morn?

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Anonymous said...

I walked Brian's parents dog and then slept till like 1pm!

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