decapitation of the marigold family

In my hanging baskets: Portulaca "Big Sun Gold"

I have not told you...

But since it's Friday, and since I took my final, and since I am now halfway through my summer schedule (good) but halfway through the summer break (bad), and since I am in a chipper mood because I think I did well, my Daddy is coming to town, and I feel freedom...

I have to tell you about the war I have been raging on my porch.

You see, about a year ago when Christopher and I moved into our teeny little apartment, I noticed the cute little wildlife running around. Yes, some birdies built a nest on one side of our porch, but oh they were so cute and darling chirp-chirping away in the morning, waking me earlier than my alarm.

And yes, we heard some squirrlies scratching around in the space between our ceiling and the roof, but they were harmless furry beings that looked oh so precious as they stared hungrily into our french doors. (Yes, they would sit and look into our apartment... little spies).

And so, like a normal nature loving individual, I began feeding these delicate animals. I would leave little leftovers from our bread butts and keep little savings of granola bars and oats. I quickly stopped doing that however, when I came home one day to a table full of bird poop.

Bright thinking Aimee.

Since then, however, we maintained a pretty balanced relationship. I stay out of your way, you stay out of mine. I reap the benefits of hearing your pretty chirping in the morning and having less bugs, while you reap the benefits of life.

But lately, my heart has changed. I have become a nature loving individual that detests my stupid squirrlies living in the space between my ceiling and the roof because... they murdered my plants.

Marigolds before

If you remember my plants, you remember that I really really loved them. I planted them on my birthday with my friend Kirstin and Christopher. They were beautiful and lovely and added so much gradeur and oxygen into our lives. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks my serial killing squirrlies have taken the lives of each and every one of them.

At first I came home and would find little holes dug around them. I was okay with that as long as they dug in an open area. But then, things changed. I would come home to find decapitated marigolds, plants uprooted and thrown by the waste side one story down, and bite marks in some of my favorites.

Last night, I had the final straw when I looked out and noticed my last marigold colorless, flowerless, decapitated.

decapitated Marigolds

the evidence

So now, if you come to our apartment you will noticed three flower boxes looking quite empty. I will most likely plant something new for the remainder of the summer, so long as I borrow one of my dad's beebee guns for my front porch.

There are a few things still alive thankfully, including these beautiful Portulaca plants. They're great because they require little water, lots of sun and look lovely! Only thing, is their flowers close every afternoon and reopen in the morning, so I haven't been able to get many pictures of them. Our tomato and pepper plants are still kickin it too, growing and growing but producing no fruit yet! (A tomato is actually fruit). We'll keep waiting!

Have a great weekend!


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