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Ashley and me

This is my sister, Ashley. She is one of my best friends. I would say that we talk on the phone or Skype at least once a week, but usually twice. She was the matron of honor in my wedding, and I was her maid of honor is hers.

But we weren't always friends. In fact, she used to hate me with a passion that I'm sure my mother could attest to. She would do things like pee in my bed, hide toys of mine, punch me in the high school hallways hard enough to leave a bruise, put my toothbrush in the toilet without me knowing. and tell me that the aliens would probably abduct me in the middle of the night.

Let's just say she was not the nicest older sister. She had some fire to her (still does actually). And, she had her reasonings. We are pretty close in age, so there was competition. We are very different (although becoming more and more alike with age). However, one of the biggest reasons she didn't like me was because I would borrow her things without asking, like clothes, makeup, jewelry- the works. But that's what younger sisters do!

But somewhere in between the craziness of life, in between her going to college, in between the sudden change of our family composition and the excitement of new relationships, marriage, and babies we became more than just sisters. We became best friends.

This weekend I was able to spend constant time with Ashley. No husbands. Same bed. Same car. Lots of thoughts, tears, and laughter. And I just have to say that it was really, really good. I am really thankful for what a great sister and friend that she has become. Love you ash.

She is also almost 6 months prego and I am very happy to have another adorable nephew like this one...

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Laurie Sue said...

A wonderful blog entry about both of my incredibly beautiful daughters. I love you both SO much and am so very proud of the women you've both become. There is NO greater joy than seeing your children grow, prosper, thrive, and love one another!


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